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Free Platform Design Card UI Template (FIG)

Platform Design Card UI Template

Cards are all over the web design trends these days, and it is fast becoming a de facto design ruler even for the web trinity of Google, Twitter, and Facebook.

Cards have been around for a long time, especially as an information dissemination medium and even for games. From a web point of view, cards are associated with singular thoughts. They include interactive elements like text, links, buttons etc. and invite clicks through the card for exploring related content.

Every web and UI/UX designer knows how these cards can make or break their designs. To prevent the latter from happening in your case, head over to have a look at this versatile set of 11 card designs by Uiux.Bread. The Figma template covers a wide range of cards, in terms of both function and sizes, that may come handy to you whether you’re designing a sleek B2B portal or an attractive online store webpage. You can easily customize the cards and add them to your next web design project. Download this amazing resource today!

Platform Design Card UI Template 2

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