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Free Plastic Credit Card Mockup (PSD)

Plastic Credit Card Mockup

Cards are so handy because they hold no value of their own. Think of it, cards can be the key to your entire life savings bank account, they can be the ID that fits right into your wallet, or they can be a part of a loyalty program at your favorite clothing retailer. That exact same quality is why they are so useful in designs. For example, this plastic card mockup from Deep Lab is virtually just a blank canvas for any purpose you have in mind.

Design cool and quirky debit or credit cards or showcase branding elements on a business card, it is that versatile. This graphic works so well because you can edit everything you see and make use of 4 different shots. It will be a great addition to any project you take on. This free mockup comes in 4 PSD files for the free version, as well as 21 high-quality ones for a premium commercial license.

Plastic Credit Card Mockup 1

Plastic Credit Card Mockup 2

Plastic Credit Card Mockup 3

File Adobe Photoshop
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