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Free Physical Distancing Illustration

Physical Distancing Illustration

The term “Physical Distancing” became quite common during the covid-19 pandemic. It means you have to maintain a distance of around 6 feet to avoid the risk of transferring or receiving the coronavirus. Although the intensity of the covid-19 has gone fairly down, there are still over 100,000 cases per day in the US alone. It means you still need to follow the required SOPs to avoid the risk of covid-19. 

Prevention is better than cure. The illustration perfectly depicts the post-covid 19 lifestyles for us. The best practices are maintaining a safe distance and wearing face masks To prevent the coronavirus. We cannot have another lockdown because it is not possible for us to stay in our homes for the rest of our lives. As human beings, we have to move out to work, socialize, or buy some necessary products. So the best thing is to minimize the risk of getting the coronavirus.

Customize this physical distancing illustration (AI, EPS, SVG, PDF) to suit your needs for free. It is ideal for educational websites and content creators to inform people about the covid-19’s effects, precautions, or impact on our lives.

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