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Free Physical Distancing Illustration (AI)

Physical Distancing Illustration

As we know that Covid-19 has taken countless lives; causing irreversible damage. Moreover, it is only getting worse with each passing day, as the virus has been evolving with the DNA to infect more people around the globe. Also, every passing month, the virus mutates into a more deadly variant, making it more challenging to combat and thus resulting in increased pressure on healthcare workers. 

Furthermore, social gatherings play an immense role in the widespread of the virus. In these trying times where the pharmaceutical companies have been trying to come up with vaccines, it is also important for people to maintain social distancing to stop the widespread of this deadly virus. The governments around the world also have to come up with newly revised plans to introduce smart lockdowns in the hotspot areas with the most recorded positive cases, only then the overall spread can be limited. This illustration emphasizes the importance of social distancing and this (AI) file can be easily downloaded, edited, and customized. Lastly, this illustration can be suitably used by governments around the world for billboards for maximum impact.

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