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Free People Icon Pack (PNG)

People Icon Pack

With millions of apps flooding the App Store and competing with others to emerge as the winner in their niche, a good mobile app must offer a great user experience with a solid UI that attracts users to download it and then keeps them hooked. Icons play a huge role in perfecting the experience that your app offers, as well as add beauty and clarity to the UI, when used properly. However, app designers know how much work it is to design an icon library every time they take on a project. And if you’re on the lookout for some great icon collections to add to your stash, look no further!

This icon pack from Flaticons features 57 royalty-free icons which can be put to good use in both personal and commercial projects. The icons portray people from different walks of life in a minimalistic manner. People from different professions and genders have been covered, along with groups of people, people performing activities as well as people in different emotional states. Available in both .zip and .tar.gz formats, this is an icon pack that would come handy in every project where people need to be represented or guided to options related to “Profile”, thus making it a priceless pack that you must own!

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