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Free Peach & Cream Textures (JPG)

Peach & Cream Textures

Our new set is labeled peach and cream. Sounds familiar? It’s everyone’s favorite dessert that mixes succulent peaches and whipped cream for a sweet mouth-watering flavor to fight the summer heat. So if you haven’t tried peach and cream, referring to both this set of elegant textures and the delicious dessert, then it’s time to discover new things.

Brought to you by NassyArt, it includes 4 free textures with warm peachy designs mixed with gold leaks. Imagine these gold leaks as they appear on packaging designs for cosmetics and accessories, matching the elegance and high-quality of the items inside. Their warm shades can also decorate scented candles or themed cards with envelopes that use a simpler peachy color. And as their vivid designs are remarkable on their own, you can simply download the free collection, using it for wallpapers or web designs, as well as apps, decorations, banners, etc.

Peach & Cream Textures 2

Peach & Cream Textures 3

Peach & Cream Textures 4

Peach & Cream Textures 5

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