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Free Opened Envelope and Business Cards Mockup (PSD)

Envelope and Business Cards Mockup

It’s the digital age, but old-fashioned business cards are still as necessary as ever. Recall the last time you met up with a potential partner or client? Was it easier to punch your contact and email into each other’s phone or just exchange business cards? The latter of course! Business cards not only allow for personal connections to happen when people meet for the first time, but can also make a brand memorable – if done right. If you’re looking to showcase your card designs, here is an eye-catching resource to use in your personal and commercial projects.

We present a high-resolution envelope and business cards mockup in an isometric view created and shared by LS Graphics. Using this mockup, you can showcase multiple card designs at once as it features a spread of three business cards and an open envelop making it even more realistic. To edit, easily place your different designs and text via smart object in Photoshop. Also, customize further details like the color of the card and envelop, and background color to achieve a stunning project look to share with others.

Envelope and Business Cards Mockup 2

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