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Free Opened Book Mockup (PSD)

Opened Book Mockup

For many, stationery shopping is equivalent to retail therapy. If you happen to linger on in a stationary shop, you will surely witness many individuals hoarding up on things which they really don’t need. How can anyone put down a nicely designed book and not buy it? If you find plain white pages very boring, here is a graphical representation that will make things interesting for you! Or even better still, add a wrinkled texture to the pages and you have a masterpiece for yourself!

Flip through those pages and adapt the high-resolution PSD file by LS Graphics which comes with a changeable cover and background. The plain pages can be easily converted to a personal planner or an empty space to draw doodles if you’re more into the artistic style. Customize this hardcover book mockup to give someone a chance to hold on to their wandering thoughts and have them jotted down on this handy book.

Free Download free download Category Books Software / Format ps Posted : 18 Jan, 2021 1,497 Views