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Free Online Learning Mobile App Template (FIG)

Online Learning Mobile App Template

The ultimate milestones to achieve while designing an e-learning app are that students should be engaged, spend as much time as possible using an app, and achieve their goals. Great UI can get you that, and separate your product from the mass of other apps whose developers failed to pay sufficient attention.

Whether you’re a developer struggling to design your app or a designer seeking inspiration for that perfect e-learning interface, Josim Uddin’s online learning mobile app concept deserves your attention. With minimal and clean UI with no clutter in sight, the screens feature a beautiful illustration on the onboarding page and great usage of colors and typography. The Figma file template comes with key screens such as onboarding and course listing, so you can get to work almost instantly with them. Don’t think too much and download this resource for free today!

Online Learning Mobile App Template 1

Online Learning Mobile App Template 2

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