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Free Notepad Mockup (PSD)

Notepad Mockup

Today’s notepad PSD mockup is not like the ones you’ve seen before. It’s a total update from your usual notepad mockups and will definitely amaze all your clients. It includes 2 different PSD notepad mockups and a pencil, allowing you to present more than one design or sketch in a creative way; so you can consider it a 2 in 1 mockup. It’s perfect for logo design, drawings, sketches, typography art, and all sorts of other projects.

This mockup by Pixeden is fully editable so you can add whatever graphics you want and change the colors according to your taste and concept. For a creative presentation, you can show how your design was developed, maybe showcase your rough logo sketch (for example) on one notepad, and another clean finalized one on the other notepad. You can even use this mockup to display your cartoon characters sketch concept art if you’re applying for an animation job at Disney (for example). You can also get your hands on the top version of this notepad here.

Notepad Mockup

Notepad Mockup

File Adobe Photoshop
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