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Free New Year Vector Illustrations (AI)

New Year Vector Illustrations

Life is about accepting the good and the bad, but focusing on the former is what keeps you going. So when you decide to live the moment, we want to share it with you with these vector illustrations from Viktoriya Semenova.

Each new year is spent differently and the vivid designs featured fit all these different celebrations. Be the life of the party and use the illustration with the dancers for new year party posters as well as flyers for school dances, or focus on family gathering time of this special occasion. When it’s that special time of the year, the lovely occasion should be met with cozy and colorful designs that can be shared with everyone. And for those with a sense of adventure, one illustration holds the northern lights, featuring the magnificent and supernatural colors of the phenomena, a design that can be used for postcards and newsletters. And unfortunately, some are faced with the harsh reality of having to work during new years or simply prefer a quiet night at home, and with these illustrations, there is a bright presentation for both.

New Year Vector Illustrations 2

New Year Vector Illustrations 3

New Year Vector Illustrations 4

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