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Free Minimalistic Poster Mockup (PSD)

Minimalistic Poster Mockup

Minimalism started when artists had the urge to discover and create new things different than the stale and “academic” works they were accustomed to. And with new styles emerging with each young artist, minimalism allowed them to question conventional boundaries, setting limits of their own accord.

This movement is marked by purpose, clarity, and intentionality, and so is this mockup from Ali Hyder. With the easy editing features included in the free download, both beginners and professional designers can use the mockup for their portfolios or their client presentations. Branding designs always look more dashing when they’re framed, especially if they combine texts and illustrations, but if that’s not your first option, you can use the smart object layers to insert posters for concerts and music groups, advertisements for newly opened shops, or to match the setting, a minimalist piece of artwork that can greet customers as they come in.

Minimalistic Poster Mockup 2

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