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Free Milk Carton Packaging Mockup (PSD)

Milk Carton Packaging Mockup

Capped and bow-tied, milkmen with their bottles used to roam during the early hours of morning; unmistakable faces of the 60s that were featured in movies and novels. But today, we share a new packaging for the white drink, one found in every household, especially those with kids.

This is the packaging milk carton mockup, a 5000 × 3750 pixels resolution resource that uses smart object layers for easy customization. It can display a classic design with plenty of white that contrasts with the editable cap and background or a branding design that highlights the logotypes inserted. Milk’s health effects are no secret but a friendly illustration that reminds mothers of why they bought it doesn’t hurt. And because the amount of fat in milk is always relevant to the recipe, your designs can also feature the type of milk used and its related info.

Milk Carton Packaging Mockup 2

Milk Carton Packaging Mockup 3

File Adobe Photoshop
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