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Free Memoji Avatar Pack (Sketch)

Memoji Avatar Pack

When playing games, some of us took the time to create and customize our avatars, picking the perfect shade for their hair and clothes and trying to be as accurate as possible, even if the avatar was only an icon set on the profile. These games developed, and so did our ways of personalizing them. So for a varied selection that you can instantly pick from, we present this memoji free avatar pack created and shared by Egor Komarov.

We all know that when it comes to avatars, the more options available, the better, and this set gives you easy access to all the designs it offers. Created for Sketch, it features 3D faces with different genders, ages, skin types, and facial expressions that can become part of your project. And since accessories always affect the look, you’ll find that some characters are more stylish, wearing hats, glasses, and earrings, with brown, blond, black, and even colored hair!

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