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Free Material Design Icons (SVG)

Material Design Icons

Icons are everywhere; some are so powerful and universal that we instantly recognize that they represent a brand, product, or message, without the need for any words. In the technological domain, icons represent a large portion of how users navigate around softwares or websites; we all recognize the ubiquitous “print” icon in Microsoft Word, or the “reply” icon in any email client. Icons, when used correctly, can enhance usability, be easily remembered, and improve the design of the webpages or software being used. And if you’re designing one such webpage or software, and are on the lookout for an icon set that will solve all your icon-related woes, we bring to you a 400+ material design icon set by Ahmed Agrma.

The icon set has been designed using the principles of iconography as prescribed in material design guidelines. Available in SVG format, you can easily edit and use these icons in Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop or Sketch, depending upon your software of choice for designing interfaces. Every icon in this set is a line icon, and has been carefully designed to convey the intended visual message. The set has the icons to assist you in designing anything and everything, be it e-commerce websites, dining apps, maps, or collaboration softwares.

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