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Free Marble Texture Collection (JPG)

Marble Texture Collection

With actual nature rapidly contracting just as we speak, naturalistic design has never been more in demand. Urban earthy aesthetic is on a steady rise among buyers, and it’s about time you brought in your designs a subtle touch of nature, coupled with a sense of grunge that would truly speak to the public. We present to you Marble Texture Collection from Pixelbuddha to achieve the much-needed touch of nature in your designs.

Inspired by the versatility of marble, this collection packs 20 handmade textures created using oil paints and acrylic on water, incorporating the famous Turkish Ebru water painting technique. The textures come in JPG format, and are scanned in high resolution and then digitally manipulated to create unique compositions for every kind of design. Place it on your posters, branding elements, packaging concepts or stationary – there is literally no limit to the possibilities of what you can achieve with this collection!

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