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Free MacOS Big Sur and Safari UI (FIG)

MacOS Big Sur and Safari UI

When it comes to technology, creators of all sorts seek updates that make their electronic devices more exciting and even more useful. And the newest update that has swept the nation by storm is the macOS Big Sur update from Apple.

So to allow your projects to be as realistic and up-to-date as possible, we share this macOS Big Sur and Safari UI template designed by Mara Muss for Figma. Get your hands on the most advanced desktop operating system out there and make the all-new Safari interface design part of your presentation as well. Although you won’t have access to the powerful new features designed to protect privacy, you will have a dashing display of the world-famous browser with a featured privacy report. Users can now customize the start page and set a background image to their liking, making every browsing session personalized, so what’s stopping you from bringing your touch to this page and including the apps that appear on it?

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