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Free Logistics Seamless Vector Pattern (Ai)

Logistics Seamless Vector Pattern

When people think of patterns, they believe they reflect dull spaces which may hold interesting creations but the mere fact that they’re repeated drains their quality, but that’s only because they haven’t checked out this new pattern we’re adding to our collection of resources.

Say hello and welcome to the free logistics seamless pattern (AI, EPS, PNG formats) provided by Design Zone with 4 color options for more fun designs including blue, green, purple, and red, all of which are mixed with white for a contrasting appearance. With its diverse thematic elements, it introduces a unique presentation that fits professional projects such as packaging designs and printed products (business cards, brochures, flyers) as well as fun designs that include wallpaper and wrapping paper. Since they are 100% vector, they can be easily edited via Adobe Illustrator, so you can change the colors, switch the sizes, and even remove unwanted items that clutter your screen.

Logistics Seamless Vector Pattern Colors

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