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Free Levitating Envelope Mockups (PSD)

Levitating Envelope Mockups

A love letter, an apology, a cover letter, a eulogy; all of these are sent instantly in text messages. But they didn’t always. Before instant messaging, the hand-written word was the way to convey sentiments and meanings to others, and back then, envelopes were the courier. Rare stamps, family emblems, and post people are relics of the past but they still hold so much significance to us today.

Beautiful floating envelopes make up the scene of this fascinating mockup by LS graphics. It’s a simple view of 3 envelopes in mid-air as if thrown lazily on top of each other. The mockup allows you to separately customize each of the 3 envelopes to demonstrate alternative versions of your design. This graphic will work great as a part of your branding project presentation. Simply select the smart layers object and place your designs in. This mockup comes in a 6000x4500px single PSD file.

Levitating Envelope Mockups 2

File Adobe Photoshop
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