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Free Konsep Astronaut Illustration (AI)

Konsep Astronaut Illustration

The dream to become an astronaut is one perhaps most of us have had growing up. It has a lot to do with human mind’s curiosity that catapults us to always strive to know what we do not already. The deep, dark realm of the space has been fascinating since time immemorial – all thanks to science fiction making its way into pop culture – gaining the profession of space-goers a cool status. Astronauts are often representative of curiosity, discovery and mystery, and thus find their place in designs which have nothing to do with space.

Along the same lines, our today’s offering is an Astronaut illustration. The freebie is available for download in AI format, and can be modified and scaled to fit your needs seamlessly. The illustration depicts an astronaut on a space odyssey (pun intended), space-walking while planets, stars, asteroids, and flying spacecrafts fill the background. The bright colors and various abstract concepts such as discovery, journey, search and curiosity that the illustration suggests making it a perfect addition to digital designs, especially website and app covers. The illustration would be an interesting addition to digital forms and onboarding journeys, but that is not all: you can use it for a lot of other creative endeavors too. Go on and experiment!

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