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Free Kendo Vector Illustration (AI)

Kendo Vector Illustration

The purpose of modern Kendo is not to win real-life duels or use martial art techniques in a fight. While Kendo has evolved from Samurai sword arts, one of the many reasons why people practice it today is for the benefits it can bring to the kendoka’s personal life.

Different people learn kendo for different reasons. Some people do so in order to find balance in the middle of a stressful life, while others see it as a good form of recreation. Yet others enjoy the cardiovascular exercise that kendo can provide. The competitive nature is what has brought kendo to mainstream popularity, and if you wish to popularize it further as it should be, we are here to help!

Our kendo vector illustration showcases a professional kendoka in a fighting stance, ready to fight with his kata in his hands. The fighter is clad in the traditional gear, and the backdrop reminds us of ancient Japan where people would traditionally practice this sacred art of swordsmanship in the yesteryears. The green and yellow backdrop perfectly complements the black robe of the fighter, which is accentuated with red to immediately catch your attention. This beautiful illustration is free to download in AI format, so feel free to use it today to acquaint more people with the amazing art that kendo is.

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