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Free Journal Sticker Mockup (PSD)

Journal Sticker Mockup

Never underestimate the power of a journal. It was thanks to the journals of Jonathan Harker and Dr. Seward that the legend of Dracula came to be. Some journals, like the one kept by Benjamin Franklin, changed the world as we know it, and it’s finally time for us to add you to that list with our new freebie. This journal sticker mockup created by Bharath Selvaraj displays a highly realistic scene from a front point of view.

The person with the journal is holding a collection of colored pencils and this brings more life to the mockup. Make sure that your stickers, whether they’re of your favorite cartoon characters or of brand logos, reflect that same genuinely joyous aura. Via Adobe Photoshop, you can design stickers to decorate the cover of your journal and easily insert them with no need for further editing.

Journal Sticker Mockup 2

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