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Free iPhone X on Jacket Mockup (PSD)

iPhone X on Jacket Mockup

Instagram gave way to new lifestyles and ways of living. It created new jobs not only for the developers but also for users who made a platform out of this social media app. These users, also known as influencers, put a lot of effort into fulfilling their job’s requirements, and to help you share these creations in their natural habitat, we brought you this iPhone X mockup.

The phone is sat on a denim jacket with its screen in full display, giving you an environment that attracts young and daring souls. The highly realistic mockup can be used to present your posts and ideas for social media including personal posts or ads, as well as full images, websites designs, wallpaper art designs and organization layouts. It can be instantly obtained and easily edited with a couple of steps which gives you more time to focus on your own graphics.

iPhone X on Jacket Mockup 2

File Adobe Photoshop
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