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Free iPhone First Generation Mockup (PSD)

iPhone First Generation Mockup

Our parents may not believe it, but our phones can help get our lives together. A simple application with basic features such as reminders can motivate us to create habits, and once a healthy routine is established, the rest is history. We don’t underestimate the effects of electronic devices, that’s why we share with you today this free iPhone 2007 mockup from LS Graphics. This PSD graphic goes back to the first iPhone generation, a set of graphics that radiated high-quality even back then.

ith corresponding shadows set for a realistic scene, the iPhone enables you to share with your clients a glimpse of your designs. Given that the position of the phone allows your texts to appear clearly, you can use to resource to display general branding designs for companies, digital signatures for artists, or even different applications including a bank app with a short list of the services and offers provided.

iPhone First Generation Mockup 2

File Adobe Photoshop
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