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Free Interface Pixel Perfect Icons (AI)

Interface Pixel Perfect Icons

In our fast-paced lives, our communication has undergone a drastic change. Today, most of the conversations have been replicated with icons. For instance, emotions have been replaced by emoticons, regular sentences have been taken over by acronyms. Everyone wants a shorter duration while communicating making it easier to express ourselves through emoticons, rather than reaching out to someone for a full-fledged conversation.

In this context, we have a set of interface icons which help in delivering the communication concisely through monoline icons which are sufficient in expressing the need. Designed with a grid size of 24 pixels, the icons have rounded corners along with a live stroke and an outline stroke version. The free vector by Graphic Pear includes free Illustrator updates. Make the most of these one-line icons to make your designs and presentations stand out.

Interface Pixel Perfect Icons 2

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