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Free Instagram Redesign UI Template (XD)

Instagram Redesign UI Template

Every project, whether it’s digital or otherwise, needs a redesign every once in a while. Applications of all types present users with new features that can make the experience more exhilarating and entertaining, but a redesign tips the scales entirely. So when an app as famous as Instagram needs a fresh look for all to enjoy, you can use this UI design template from Mauricio Lopez.

Instagram is all about posts and this is where the transformation begins! Posts, both on the homepage and the discovery page, feature rounded edges for a more eye-pleasing presentation. And even the icons bring a small change that can be instantly noticed by users who use the platform daily. Users get accustomed to a design pretty quickly, so let them explore new boundaries and horizons, all through their screen. This freebie with its mesmerizing color scheme enables you to present yourself and your profile differently with a more aesthetic approach to the image placement and design.

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