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Free ID Card Attached to a Strap Mockup (PSD)

ID Card Attached to a Strap Mockup

It takes time to discover yourself. And although we find this topic beautifully portrayed in films and books, the process doesn’t seem to be easier. Yet sometimes, how you present yourself is not up for debate, it’s a presentation that’s objective rather than subjective and needs to adhere to certain shared rules. You’ve probably guessed by now that we’re talking about IDs, and to be more specific, this new ID card mockup from Vebjørn Moi.

This mockup showcases a single card that can be customized via Adobe Photoshop, both in color and in design. However, that’s not the only thing viewers spot in this scene as the latter showcases the card in a cardholder attached to a strap, presenting a realistic design that only benefits your end project. So you can get creative and professionally share ID designs for conferences, concerts, meetings, or needed ids for companies and team projects.

ID Card Attached to a Strap Mockup 2

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