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Free Ice Cream Tub Mockup (PSD)

Ice Cream Tub Mockup

Everyone’s favorite dessert has finally arrived! Summer might’ve just started but the shelves are already stacked with endless rows of delicious ice cream. And because we want your packaging to stand out, we bring you this ice cream tub mockup.

Get your branding designs into the race by inserting them using the smart objects and editing the colors as you like. From butter pecan caramel ice cream to more exquisite flavors like green tea ice cream, and even the classic three, this PSD mockup created by Mohamed Ibrahim will grant you the realistic and easy design every packaging project needs. The lid is as crucial when it comes to the packaging, and this 4k resolution design makes it possible to share both the lid and the label. Sharing is caring but when it comes to ice cream tubs that feature your packaging design, who wouldn’t want one all for themselves?

Ice Cream Tub Mockup 2

Free Download free download Category Food Software / Format ps Posted : 19 Jun, 2020 3,389 Views