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Free Holographic Sticker Graphics (PNG)

Holographic Sticker Graphics

Stickers, with their wide variety of colors, shapes, and designs, can be thrilling as well as challenging, and the challenge is more prominent with holographic stickers. This is the free holographic stickers selection which contains 20 items: 10 star designs and 10 circle designs, providing all users with a selection of colors. We know that designing these types of stickers can be difficult, that’s why the freebies are created in Adobe Photoshop with a clean design that can be easily personalized so you can add your own logos, texts, and icons. Shared in PNG format, these graphics be used on their own for client presentations and portfolios or they can be added to other branding and packaging projects.

We’d like to thank the creator of these stickers, Jesse Makes, for enabling us to add them to our collection of free resources.

Holographic Sticker Graphics 1

Holographic Sticker Graphics 2

Free Download free download Category Effects Software / Format png Posted : 19 Jan, 2020 6,485 Views