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Free Hiking Vector Illustration (AI)

Hiking Vector Illustration

There’s something inherently lame about explaining the health benefits of hiking. Mainly because the reasons most of us love hiking go way beyond the health rewards.

Not only is hiking a window to epic views, fresh mountain air, the sounds and smells of mother nature, the oddly soothing sensation of dirt and snow crunching under your hiking boots, but it also comes with physical as well as mental health benefits, which have been well-researched and documented by various sources.

Our today’s design freebie is a treat for all the hiking aficionados as well as adventure sport-related business owners! This vector illustration, designed impeccably in Adobe Illustrator, showcases a seasoned hiker gleefully hiking his way up a hill. Surrounded by lush greenery and breathtaking views, the illustration replicates the beautiful views one comes across on hikes with soothing colors and an appealing composition. Our hiker is donning the correct protective gear, which underscores the importance of protective gear when participating in an adventure sport. Not only could business owners use this illustration to draw hiking lovers to their platform, but hikers themselves could also use it in their blog posts, websites and much more!

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