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Free Helmet Shopping App Template (Sketch)

Helmet Shopping App Template

One of the most important but sometimes overlooked aspects of motorcycle riding is safety gear. Though it can be cumbersome and awkward, this gear is the only thing between you and the road in an accident. Imagine sliding across the pavement at 50 mph wearing shorts and a T-shirt and you’ll begin to understand why some people say you shouldn’t expose any part of your body on a bike that you wouldn’t expose to a belt sander.

An old saying goes: If you have a $20 head, buy yourself a $20 helmet. A proper, Department of Transportation-approved helmet can go a long way toward saving your skull in case of an accident. Even if you don’t want to protect your brain, helmets also offer shelter from wind noise and turbulence. But with so many options available in the market and every online marketplace offering a limited number of options, it naturally becomes tough to choose a helmet that truly serves the purpose.

As important as it is to create an online marketplace that offers a wide range of well-designed and safe bike helmets, your job as a designer who designs an interface for one such app can become a lot easier with an indispensable resource such as this app template concept template designed in Sketch by Luka Dadiani. Offering an app interface for a curated library of helmets, the file brings to you a perfectly designed left navigation panel as well as landing screen as a part of an entire UI kit to solve your woes. Chic, stylish and informative, the concept will go a long way in helping you design an app UI of your own that your motorcyclist audiences would love and truly thank you for.

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