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Free Hard Book Cover Mockup (PSD)

Hard Book Cover Mockup

Seeing books upon books set in stacks or scattered around is almost heavenly for readers. And while some find pleasure in an organized shelf, a lot enjoy organizing it themselves, taking into account the height of the book, the genre, and even the color. And since we do not know where the cemetery of forgotten books truly lies nor can we lead you to it, why not build one of your own, one book at a time, using this hard cover book PSD mockup from Mr. Mockup?

The journey of every book starts with a hardcover, and with this resource which comes with smart layers, it can also begin with quality. Set from a top point of view on an elegant wooden surface, the item can be used for fiction and non-fiction publications, poetry or quotes selections, as well as agendas and diaries with pristine covers. And because we know readers always have a pencil in hand when they embark on an adventure, you’ll find one set next to this book for a more realistic display.

Hard Book Cover Mockup 2

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