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Free Hanging Note Sign (PSD)

Hanging Note Sign

There’s a scenario people like to imagine in order to appreciate the importance of things: Imagine the world without them. And usually it involves the disappearance of bees or trees, but today we’re focusing on graphic designers. Some people don’t actually know what the work of graphic designers consists of. And yes, they are aware that it has something to do with advertisements, but they don’t realize how integrated their work is in everything. And when we say everything, we mean it!

The covers of books, notebooks, and copybooks, the art on pins, badges, and labels, the packaging of chocolate, candy and chips, the designs on boxes for electronics, cleaning items and candles, all of them need graphic designers or else they will look dull and uninteresting. This is why today we’re bringing you this freebie: the hanging note sign provided by Pixeden. It is perfect for showcasing any product or offer. The PSD graphic can also be used for hotels and shops to present simple information.

Hanging Note Sign

Hanging Note Sign

File Adobe Photoshop
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