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Free Handwritten Calligraphy Text Effects (PSD)

Traditional calligraphy styles have been around for years, and you create them with very particular strokes and formations. Many people (designers and non designers) today, have embraced traditional calligraphy styles, and it seems the traditional calligraphy community opinion splits on modern calligraphy. Some traditionalists love the creativity that modern calligraphy allows. Others, however, dislike the deviation from order and rules. Modern calligraphy is very flexible. It provides a creative outlet for people of many skill levels and this traditional hand-written style beats today’s digital creative world. This calligraphic text effect is a recreation of the traditional ink and pen in Photoshop. The PSD file includes 3 individual PSD files (3 different calligraphy style effects). You can use smart layers to add your text. This effect works great with quotes, headings, illustrations, calligraphy, and fonts.

Thank you Graphic Fuel for sharing this calligraphy text effect and for always offering endless design resources.

Handwritten Calligraphic Text Effect

File Adobe Photoshop Dimensions 5500 x 4000 Pixels Size 178 MB
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