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Free Geometric Spray Photo Overlay (PSD)

Geometric Spray Photo Overlay

With the devices and equipment we have access to, anyone can commemorate a special moment and make it a more reachable experience with pictures. But in design, a picture is far more than the capture of a single second, it’s about its setting, theme, shadows, layers and aesthetic, all of which can be entirely made better and more eccentric with the geometric spray photo overlay.

Designed and shared by Pixel Buddha, the PSD download features multiple options with 4 square overlays, 2 that are pointy for a striking presence, and 2 with round corners for softer edges. With the smart objects, you can finish your projects in a matter of seconds, leaving you with images with a distinct smudged effect and an urban design. Instagram is based on pictures and this freebie is what you need to make your profile look more artistic, not to mention that your buzz-worthy creations can also be used for posters of all kinds, magazines, mood boards, album covers, and online ads.

Geometric Spray Photo Overlay 1

Geometric Spray Photo Overlay 2Geometric Spray Photo Overlay 3Geometric Spray Photo Overlay 5

Free Download free download Category Graphics Software / Format ps Posted : 30 Aug, 2020 1,589 Views