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Free Garment Label Tag Mockups (PSD)

Garment Label Tag Mockup

There is a time for relaxation and a time for elegance. And once you’ve decided on the latter, we have just the right tools for you! Say hello to these fabulous garment label tag mockups shared by Pixel Buddha, two spectacular scenes that showcase realistic hanging label tags from a front angle.

The first scene holds a classic tone suitable for all clothing items while the second one presents a more embellished appearance which can even be used for high-end items tags such as gowns and suits. And rest assured, your branding designs and logos will not stand alone with these PSD mockups. Via Adobe Photoshop, insert your graphics as well as your decorative artwork and illustrations and edit the shadows and colors of each label and their backgrounds. And use your final presentations for both personal and commercial purposes including online projects.

Garment Label Tag Mockup 2

Garment Label Tag Mockup 3

File Adobe Photoshop
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