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Free Future City Illustration (AI)

Future City Illustration

Did someone call for a taxi? Let’s take a ride down to the city mall in the latest taxi-mobil where taxis don’t need roads or even wheels because here in Future City they fly. This is where trains, planes, and automobiles get you wherever you there at twice the speed. You don’t need to worry about the traffic lights or roadworks because in Future City they are all non-existent.

Join this super-powered lifestyle where the kids study from home and the parents get to work in flying taxis, never even needing to touch the ground.

Look at the world from a different perspective with his vector illustration showing the taxi upfront, lights all aglow, and no traffic issues to even think about. This would be the dream way for anyone to travel around. Watch the cityscape from a birds-eye view on your next trip to work. Silently glide into the perfect infrastructure and organized society that moves around swiftly and silently in their super-powered vehicles. Download this graphic for your next futuristic project.

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