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Free Flying Credit Cards Mockup (PSD)

Credit Cards Mockup

We’re confident that your designs should never be set aside, for every new idea deserves a chance to see the light. So when you need to showcase not one but 4 different designs, you can use this new tool.

Coming in PSD format is the flying credit cards mockup from Boris Free Mockup, and since the resource includes multiple surfaces, you can edit the mockup and share one striking design for both the front and the back, or, if you’re indecisive about the final color scheme, share similar graphics but with different shades. You never know, you might end up using both possibilities! Something used as frequently as credit cards deserves quality, that’s why this mockup is provided in 9000 x 5063 pixels resolution with easy editing options that enable you to insert your graphics and customize the background.

File Adobe Photoshop
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