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Free Flat Shadow Generator (PSD)

Shadow Generator Mockup Right

The shadow of Peter Pan always ran away. And each time that it did, we got to have a nice little adventure that our young minds enjoyed. But when Wendy came along, she brought order and helped by sewing the shadow back on Peter’s feet. It was back to its natural place and the problem was solved, and what is natural makes everything look more realistic and appealing. And this is why today we brought you this long flat shadow generator.

The freebie provided by Pixeden allows you to add shadows to any surface or flat object you would like. And have no fear because the file includes 2 PSD for left and right orientation so all the work you have to do is to choose what to use. In addition, the shadows also come in 4 different shapes (square, circular, rounded, and more rounded) so they can easily fit their objects perfectly.

Shadow Generator Mockup Left

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