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Free Exploration Dashboard Design (Sketch)

Exploration Dashboard Design

Dashboard design is one of the most frequent requests made by businesses to designers these days. Every modern-day business dreams about a simple view that presents all the information shows trends and risky areas, updates users on what happened – typically a view that will lead the way to a bright financial future.

For most of us, a dashboard is an at-a-glance preview of the most crucial information for the user at the moment he is looking at it, and an easy way to navigate directly to various areas of the application that require users attention. This quest to make all that matters available in one place and make information easy to discover, all at once, is what makes designing a good dashboard quite a daunting task. But fear not, for we have the perfect UI kit to calm your nerves and get you started on your next dashboard design project!

This clean, explorational, and functional dashboard design, brought to you by Peeeli Agency, comes in the form of a 2 MB Sketch file. With the source file included, the file can be opened and edited not only in Sketch, but also in Figma and Adobe XD. All the basic components usually incorporated in modern dashboards such as the left navigation panel, tabs, cards, and buttons have been masterfully designed and included in this Sketch file, along with the icons and fonts. Designed using soothing colors, with well-spaced elements and clean fonts, the design makes sure that every figment of information on this dashboard is easily readable and thus makes for a dashboard concept that you simply should not pass!

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