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Free Experimental Health App Template (FIG)

Experimental Health App Template

The benefits of an iOS system are no secret to iPhone users, or to anymore for that matter. Its user interface is based upon direct manipulation, allowing a natural flow with multi-touch gestures. And such an innovative operating system deserves designs that match its quality like this experimental health app design. Users can keep track of their sleeping schedule, and because every little detail matters, they can also select its type. Was it deep, light, or unfortunately non-existent? All are featured with a relaxing color selection that pleases all ages. Self-care is an everyday task, so to avoid sleep deprivation and to keep a healthy body and mind, this template offers an organized and fresh design.

What’s the first step to a healthy lifestyle? Discover it with this free template brought to you by Eda Gurdamar.

Experimental Health App Template 1

Experimental Health App Template 2

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