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Free Empty State Icons (Sketch)

Empty States Icons

An empty state is an afterthought for many designers. The thing you design last—if at all—because it’s a temporary or minor part of the user experience. However, it’s about time you stopped the name from fooling you and saw empty states for what they actually are – full of potential to drive engagement, delight users, and retain users at critical moments like when someone downloads the app, clears out their content, or runs into an issue. Enhance the experience of your users with this set of 12 empty state icons by Boris Kozelev, which will get the job done without you having to spare any extra efforts.

The file comes in the form of a Sketch file with 12 well-thought, smart empty state icons that will leave you users smiling and not fuming impatiently. There is an icon for every empty state scenario – be it first impression, moments of success, or moments of failure. Use these icons in your websites and mobile-based applications, and see better customer engagement and loyalty replacing abandonment in your products.

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