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Free Eid Typography 2020 (PDF)

Eid Typography 2020

Every eid comes with a story, one that is still shared today with a community. Be it Eid al Fitr or Eid al Adha, Muslims celebrate these special occasions worldwide with some countries even making the days on which they occur official holidays. And because every eid gives us many reasons to celebrate, we decided to make it even more special with this free eid typography set.

The varied designs are created by a Ezzat Kamel and a selection of artists, so they carry different yet eye-catching tones with classic artwork, simplistic designs, modern and colorful presentations, or even decorated typography. Your set is here and it’s simply waiting for your next project. Creating typography in itself can be tricky, let alone Arabic typography, so this collection can be a time-saver as it provides you with designs for eid cards, printed or online greetings, greeting or invitation cards for dinners or prayers, banners, etc.

Eid Typography 1

Eid Typography 6

Eid Typography 2

Eid Typography 3

Eid Typography 4

Eid Typography 5

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