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Free eCommerce Desktop Product Page Template (Sketch)

eCommerce Desktop Product Page Template

The ladder of success for LeBron James wasn’t easy to climb. But even with hardships coming his way, LeBron, now known as the greatest basketball player in NBA history, didn’t try to fill Michael Jordan’s shoes, he brought his own with the help of Nike, starting with the Nike Zoom Generation and a line that continues to this day with the LeBron 17 sneakers, the stars of this eCommerce desktop product page template.

Created for Sketch by Arkadiusz Stanikowski, this freebie features a pair of LeBron 17 LMTD with its iconic bold orange and vibrant design and a short description to help shoppers who can easily add it to their basket, all within a well-organized desktop page. This product was released in 2019 but it’s still going strong with collectors always ready for a new purchase. Experts guarantee the authenticity with these sneakers and so should your online presentation which can be customized within seconds with high-quality results where the design fits the product.]

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