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Free Ebru Marble Textures (JPG)

Ebru Marble Textures

Artists today are constantly striving to derive inventive new ways from what they already have, in order to produce incredible artworks and techniques that benefit not only painters, but also designers. One such form is the ancient Turkish Ebru painting – a form of art that utilizes water, dye, and an awl – which has found great appreciation with modern artists, who are constantly experimenting with it to broaden the horizons of what the technique can achieve for them and their designs.

Our today’s offering is inspired by this wonderful marbling technique that is created using a beautiful, hypnotizing blend of colors. Handmade ebru marble textures by Pixel Buddha brings to the table 8 marble textures employing shades of black, white and red. Created using acrylic paint on paper, and later digitized and made available as a collection in JPG format, the pieces in the set have a common noir theme, diluted with combinations of red tones. The textures can be used to bring a subtle yet robust twist to any and every design you can possibly imagine. Proven to bring an ambiguous appeal to posters, banners, cards, apparels and themed branding items, you can experiment with these textures and do a lot more with them to create thematic designs with a mysterious, noir feel to them that will cater to young and old alike.

Ebru Marble Textures 1

Ebru Marble Textures 2

Ebru Marble Textures 3

Ebru Marble Textures 4

Ebru Marble Textures 5

Ebru Marble Textures 6

Ebru Marble Textures 7

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