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Free E-Commerce Logos (AI, XD)

E-Commerce Logos

The perks of online purchases and payments are too many to count from the selection of products and services available from all around the world to the easy payment methods that present no hassles. And to ensure that this pleasant user experience is there every time, this set of e-commerce logo kit was created by Spektrum 44.

Provided as Ai and XD files, these logos feature designs for the most popular national and international payment methods, so you’ll always have an inventory of up-to-date e-commerce logos that were perfectly sized for mobile applications and that can be used for any platform that requires a professional presentation. In addition to the logos that include designs for one-click payment methods like PayPal and Google Pay, credit/ debit cards, online payment providers, and Crypto payment, the download also shares a set of icons so you can present organized categories within the apps.

E-Commerce Logos 4 E-Commerce Logos 3

E-Commerce Logos 9 E-Commerce Logos 15 E-Commerce Logos 5 E-Commerce Logos 12

E-Commerce Logos 13 E-Commerce Logos 11 E-Commerce Logos 7

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