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Free E-commerce Dashboard UI Template (FIG)

Ecommerce Dashboard UI Template

E-commerce has altered the workflow completely and it is growing as traditional ways of transactions are thrown out the window. Nowadays, the internet economy is booming and we want to be part of it with this e-commerce dashboard designed for Figma and shared for free by Bartosz Maryniaczyk.

This concept is all about functionality, a simple and convenient UI design template that brings forward all needed information. It features a side menu for an organized process, allowing users to easily access their orders, products, and reports. They can keep an eye on sales statistics as well, a constantly changing yet major factor when it comes to any business, in addition to profits and how they change. And because visitors are the ones who help build these online platforms, users can also check out unique visitors, and pick whether they want a daily, weekly, or monthly update.

Ecommerce Dashboard UI Template 2

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