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Free Dusty Inklab Grunge Textures (JOG)

Dusty Inklab Grunge Textures

Shiny and glossy design elements are now officially outdated! Just like retro is becoming trendy again, grungy look appears to rapidly gain in popularity. In our everyday environment we’re unlikely to find ideal geometric forms or pretty shadow effects as the ones we would earlier see in most web-based graphic designs, which might very well be the reason why designers and more inclined towards naturalism and hence grunge these days, instead of the good ol’ clean symmetrical forms.

If you are looking to incorporate a bit of grunge in your designs with popular elements such as dirty stains, torn images, broken icons and creased pieces of paper, check out this free grunge texture sample pack by Aksel Larsen of The Dusty Inklab. Featuring 32 sample textures and backgrounds that have been carefully picked and put together from the best of Aksel’s works so far, you can use these textures in both the background of your design works, as well as to serve as an overlay effect in your artworks, thus providing a rugged and authentic worn-out look.

Whether you’re looking for a great alternative background for your navigation menus, photos or overall layouts, these handmade textures are sure to add a whole lot of personality and intrigue that your designs would definitely thank you for!

Dusty Inklab Grunge Textures 1

Dusty Inklab Grunge Textures 2

Dusty Inklab Grunge Textures 3

Dusty Inklab Grunge Textures 4

Dusty Inklab Grunge Textures 5

Dusty Inklab Grunge Textures 6

Dusty Inklab Grunge Textures 7

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