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Free Dodge SUV Mockup

Dodje Suv Car Mockup

If you have ever wanted or always wondered what a Dodge Journey SUV would look like, mock-ups are the best way to go; you can customize your own Dodge Journey which has the exact measurements of the real model. The Dodge Journey mock-ups can also be used by car companies that want to advertise. With Photoshop as the host program, it is easy to place your designs on the vehicle and on top of that, the whole image in PSD has a high resolution. This lets you zoom in on the facade to ensure maximum detailing for your version of the Dodge Journey. You can also edit the mock-up to whatever suits you by placing your designs via smart object.

Thanks to Antonio Taouni for the incredible mock-ups. Check out his websites for more design resources to use in your projects.

Dodje Suv Car Mockup  Dodje Suv Car Mockup

Free Download free download Category Mockups Software / Format ps Posted : 16 May, 2018 4,390 Views