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Free Digital Devices Mockup (PSD)

Digital Devices Mockup

For chefs and professional cooks, plating can make or break a dish. They realize that it’s all about the display, and so do designers. And when how and where you display your work is what matters, you can use Harmonais Visual’s digital devices mockup.

A marble scene with a white background and an instant presentation of elegance, one that turns your results into high-quality pieces within seconds. It showcases 3 electronic devices, an iPhone, an iPad, and a MacBook, so you can share realistic variations of your UX and UI designs across the three items and insert, via the smart object layers, artwork related to cooking, interior design and home decor, and even fashion. Keep the scene light with designs that match the color scheme of the background, or allow your viewers to instantly notice what you add with darker elements and more experimental presentations.

Digital Devices Mockup 2

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